Rumor or fact?

With news of the UCI Worlds coming to Richmond, it has become the talk of the town. What is true and what is not? Send us any rumors you’ve heard and we’ll post whether it is fact or fiction.

The peloton trying to catch the leader The leader maintaining distance on the peloton

What’s spinning in the rumor mill?

Rumor: Pedestrians won’t be able to cross a street on the race course. Not true! Pedestrian crossing is available at various locations along the race course. Look for course marshals who will assist pedestrians with the right time and location to cross.

Rumor: Vehicles, like cars and trucks, won’t be able to cross the race course. Vehicular crossing will be at designated points on the race course throughout each day of the race. The main course crossings are at the following locations:

  • W. Franklin St. at Harrison St.
  • N. Lombardy at Floyd Ave. and Grove Ave.
  • W. Main St. at Harrison St.
  • E. Main St. at 6th St., 7th St., 8th St. and 9th St.
  • E. Main St. at 14th St.
  • N. 15th St. at E. Cary St.
  • E. Main St. at 21st St. and 25th St.
  • N. 18th St. at E. Franklin St.
  • E. Broad St. at 21st St.

Visit the Richmond 2015 website to see course crossings by day. If you need to leave during race times, use vehicular course crossings and allow extra time as you will need to wait until the course is clear of cyclists.

Rumor: It will be impossible to travel downtown. Roads closures are inevitable for an event of this size and scope. However, VCU is working on a variety of both written and visual strategies to help the VCU community maneuver around campus efficiently during the bike race.

Rumor: All classes are cancelled. Actually, reading days for Monroe Park Campus have been scheduled for Sept. 19-27; however, all students in the health sciences schools should contact their administration for specific scheduling during the bike race.

Rumor: Residence halls will be closed. All VCU residence halls will be open during the championships so that all students can have the opportunity to participate in the event, through volunteer work or through credited course work.

Rumor: I should not come downtown or to VCU during the event. VCU is creating for-credit opportunities to get involved and is encouraging staff, faculty and students to volunteer for this exciting international event.

Rumor: Parking will not be available. If you currently have a parking subscription to one of the VCU parking locations, you will have a place to park. Use the VCU Navigate tool to help you find the best way to get you where you need to be on campus, including directions to parking decks and lots.

Rumor: The Campus Connector and other RamRide routes won’t be running during the event. Use the to locate RamRide stops and routes:

Campus Connector will run three buses each day (including weekends), 7 a.m.-7 p.m., and will run at half-hour intervals, based on traffic flow. These times are approximate Two stops:

  1. Front of Siegel Center on Broad Street
  2. Front of Larrick Center on VCU Health MCV Campus

A/I Lot will run four buses Monday-Friday (no weekend service), 5 a.m.-8 p.m., and will run at 15-minute intervals, based on traffic flow. Stops include:

  1. A Lot (A4 on Oliver Hill Way)
  2. McGuire Hall on 11th Street
  3. I Lot (curbside, riders will need to cross the street)

M Lot will run two buses Monday-Friday (no weekend service), 5 a.m.-Midnight, and will run at half-hour intervals, based on traffic flow. Stops include:

  1. M Lot
  2. McGuire Hall on 11th Street

Rumor: More reading days are scheduled for later this fall. Not the case. The reading days that are typically scheduled for October each semester have been moved to September to accommodate the bike race. Review the fall 2015 academic calendar.

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