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Just how popular is the UCI Worlds?

The UCI Worlds is truly one of the great global sporting events. It is covered by more than 500 media outlets from around the world and is broadcast live to a global audience of more than 300 million people. Richmond city officials anticipate a total of 450,000 visitors to the area.

Where can I find maps of the race courses?

Richmond 2015, the organizing group for the UCI Worlds, has created a website with maps and other information about each race course. VCU will be publishing maps later this year regarding commuting and parking logistics.

Are there volunteer opportunities?

Yes! Richmond 2015 is currently seeking volunteers. VCU employees may use up to a maximum of 16 work hours to volunteer. These hours will be treated the same as regular work time and not as leave. To do this, you will need prior approval from your supervisor by submitting your official Richmond 2015 volunteer registration confirmation indicating the days/shifts you are assigned to volunteer. Visit Richmond 2015 to register.

What role is VCU Medical Center taking?

VCU Medical Center is the exclusive medical sponsor for UCI Worlds, which means that in addition to providing care as usual to the Richmond region, these health care professionals will treat the athletes and fans attending the championships. Check out the Shift for Health website for more details.

I subscribe to one of the VCU parking decks. Will I still be able to park during the championships?

Yes! Use the VCU Navigate tool to help you find the best way to get you where you need to be on campus, including directions to parking decks and lots. If you do not currently subscribe to a VCU deck or lot, you can pre-purchase a spot for $10/day at

I live on campus. Will the residence halls be open?

All residence halls will remain open during this period so that students will have the option to stay on campus and participate in work or meaningful community service, education or event-related activities.

Will classes be held?

Regularly scheduled classes will not be held on the Monroe Park Campus from Sept. 19–27. Rather, reading days will be observed. Students in the health sciences schools (Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Allied Health Professions) will need to check with their academic program contact as each schedule will be managed separately. Please be assured that academic integrity will not be compromised as adjustments to the calendar have been made to ensure sufficient teaching hours are maintained.

VCU is offering special one-credit bike race courses for a reduced tuition rate of $50 per course. All courses run from Aug. 24 through Oct. 9. To register, log on with your eID through the myVCU portal and search for the course using the Course Registration Number (the five-digit number) listed just before the course abbreviation. Review the course descriptions.

Can faculty give students assignments due during the reading days?

The university has established special courses with assignments that occur during the bike race. Though these days are university “reading” days; due to the extended length of the reading days and the timing of the bike race near the beginning of the semester, assignments can be set during these reading days. We encourage faculty to develop course-related assignments thematically related to the bike race to encourage student engagement.

Can faculty give exams during these reading days?

While the university encourages bike race related-assignments during the reading days, because the university does not normally give exams during either reading days or spring break, exams/quizzes/tests should not be given during this time.

The academic calendar has been adjusted to account for the additional reading days scheduled during the bike race. The normal semester counts fourteen (14) contact days during a semester. The adjusted academic calendar also contains fourteen (14) contact days which accounts for the normal academically scheduled activities during the semester.

Can I telecommute during the race?

Telecommuting will be available at the discretion of the VCU department and will depend on staffing and business operating needs.

  • Employees who have a current telecommuting agreement on file may continue to do so during the bike race.
  • Employees who do not have a current agreement on file must seek prior approval from their supervisor and complete a special telecommuting agreement [DOC]. Please note that those employees who provide direct (face-to-face) customer service/care are not eligible for telecommuting.

What other things should I know about telecommuting during the race?

Telecommuting is at the discretion of the department and depends on staffing and business operating needs. Employees must have prior approval from their supervisor to telecommute.

  • Communication (i.e., phone, email, attendance at meetings) between the employee’s offsite and central work location on campus is the employee’s responsibility.
  • The employee is expected to meet with his/her supervisor to receive assignments and to review completed work. The employee will notify the supervisor immediately when circumstances arise that change his/her ability to perform the assigned work offsite.
  • The employee must confirm that the alternate work location is, to the best of his/her knowledge, free of recognized hazards that would cause physical harm. The employee must agree to notify the supervisor immediately of any accident or injury occurring at the offsite work location.
  • Employees telecommuting are responsible for the security and confidentiality of any university information, documents, records or equipment in their possession. When the offsite work involves remote access to the university’s computer network, remote users must abide by VCU’s security standards relating to remote access. All remote access involving data stored on the university network requires encryption. No sensitive university data should be stored on the employee’s personal computer.

What should supervisors know about approving the special telecommuting agreement?

Before agreeing to the special telecommuting agreement, supervisors must evaluate individual jobs for telecommuting suitability and employees for performance and reliability.

  • Positions must have activities that:
    • Can be measured;
    • Can be done independently;
    • Can be easily moved to an offsite or non-office environment;
    • Have observable beginning and ending work times; and
    • Do not require special equipment or information that is available only at the central work site.
  • The supervisor keeps the original signed version of the special telecommuting agreement [DOC] in the department’s file and provides a copy to the employee. VCU Human Resources does not need a copy of the special telecommuting agreement.

Will pedestrians and vehicles be able to cross the race course?

Pedestrian crossing is available at various locations along the racecourse. Look for course marshals who will assist pedestrians with the right time and location to cross.

Vehicular crossing will be at designated points on the race course throughout each day of the race. The main course crossings are at the following locations:

  • W. Franklin St. at Harrison St.
  • N. Lombardy at Floyd Ave. and Grove Ave.
  • W. Main St. at Harrison St.
  • E. Main St. at 6th St., 7th St., 8th St. and 9th St.
  • E. Main St. at 14th St.
  • N. 15th St. at E. Cary St.
  • E. Main St. at 21st St. and 25th St.
  • N. 18th St. at E. Franklin St.
  • E. Broad St. at 21st St.

Visit the Richmond 2015 website to see course crossings by day. If you need to leave during race times, use vehicular course crossings and allow extra time as you will need to wait until the course is clear of cyclists.

Will RamSafe continue service?

Yes! Access RamSafe ( via desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or call 828-SAFE (7233).RAMSafe will continue under normal operations 5 p.m.-8 a.m. each day, except for Friday, Sept. 25. On Friday. Sept. 25, during to the Conquer the Cobbles event scheduled from 7-10 p.m., the area that will be covered by RAMSafe will be the area within these boundaries:

  • Lombardy Street, to Grace Street, to Laurel Street, to Broad Street, to Goshen Street, to Leigh Street, to Lombardy Street.
  • Some portions of VCU Health MCV Campus beginning at 7 p.m.

What transportation services are available to VCU students, faculty and staff who need accommodations?

VCU Parking and Transportation and the Office of Equity and Access Services will provide two ADA buses during the work week. One bus will be stationed at each campus to accommodate point-to-point requests from mobility impaired faculty, staff and students. Call (804) 828-2890 to request pick up.

  • Monday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Tuesday, 8:30 a.m.-5:45 p.m.
  • Wednesday, Noon-4:30 p.m.
  • Thursday, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
  • Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Will RamRide continue service?

Yes. The RamRide Campus Connector, A/I Lot and M Lot will continue service during UCI Worlds, but with modified schedules and routes to accommodate road closures. Use TransLoc to follow the bus routes during race days. Routes will resume normal paths on Monday, Sept. 28.

Campus Connector will run three buses each day (including weekends), 7 a.m.-7 p.m., and will run at half-hour intervals, based on traffic flow. These times are approximate Two stops:

  1. Front of Siegel Center on Broad Street
  2. Front of Larrick Center on VCU Health MCV Campus

A/I Lot will run four buses Monday-Friday (no weekend service), 5 a.m.-8 p.m., and will run at 15-minute intervals, based on traffic flow. Stops include:

  1. A Lot (A4 on Oliver Hill Way)
  2. McGuire Hall on 11th Street
  3. I Lot (curbside, riders will need to cross the street)

M Lot will run two buses Monday-Friday (no weekend service), 5 a.m.-Midnight, and will run at half-hour intervals, based on traffic flow. Stops include:

  1. M Lot
  2. McGuire Hall on 11th Street
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