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Special topics courses

33505 ARTS 291 Sec 003 Mapping the Race

1 credit. Graded. Students will map or document the race course and surrounding areas in any media and in any format. These projects will then be on exhibit at the Depot after the bike race.

33504 CMST 391 Sec 001 Urban Biking Benefits

1 credit. Graded. Through group bike rides and community collaboration, students will investigate urban biking benefits, explore bike infrastructure and learn the basics of community-engaged research.

33506 CMST 391 Sec 002 Social Media and Events

1 credit. Graded. The class will focus on use of social media as a PR tactic to promote events as well as encourage volunteer participation.

33719 CMST 391 Sec 004 Bike Race Magazine

1 credit. Graded. Using narrative, photography, design and illustration, participants will create an original print publication that captures the emotions, events and images of 2015 UCI Road World Championships at VCU. – Greg Weatherford

33510 SOCY 391 (CMST 391) Sec 003 Local Dialogue on UCI Impact

1 credit. Graded. Guided by readings of sociological research/theory, Richmond Anti-poverty Commission Report, etc., students will meet with community members to conduct field research through observation and conversations.

33720 UNIV 391 Sec 007 Field Observation Class for Incident Management

1 credit. – Graded. This course will train students in the job of field observation within an Incident Management Team (IMT). – William Pelfrey

The Great VCU Bike Race Book (online courses)

The Great VCU Bike Race Book course is fully online and offers more than 25 interdisciplinary tracks. This course is designed to give students a great adventure in interdisciplinary collaboration and openly networked learning on the Web. Students should choose from one of the following tracks. No prerequisites are required. (Follow #vcubrb and visit for Great VCU Bike Race Book course activities and updates.)

33645 UNIV 291 Sec 001 Cycling Through History: Making an American Sport 1880-present

1 credit. Pass/fail. Students will explore how cycling has changed over time. – Sarah Meacham

33650 UNIV 291 Sec 002 The Nature and Nurture of Sports Performance

1 credit. Pass/fail. Are world-class athletes born or raised? In this track, we will consider the nature and nurture of sports performance. The primary objective of this course is to expose students to the ways scientists try to disentangle genetic and environmental influences on human behavior. Course materials will include a variety of formats: selected chapters from David Epstein’s New York Times bestseller “The Sports Gene,” scientific articles, podcasts and videos. Students will use social media to record their reactions to course materials, and will further discuss readings/podcasts/videos with one another and the instructor via live chat sessions. – Danielle Dick and Jessica Salvatore

33479 UNIV 291 Sec 028 Social Media Immersion Exp

1 credit. Pass/fail. An integrated social media immersion experience for students during the UCI Road World Championships. – Judi Crenshaw

33480 UNIV 291 Sec 029 Teamwork and Racing

1 credit. Pass/fail. Students will examine how individuals work as a team toward a shared goal, focusing on the “international-human” side of the race. – Michael Pitts

33481 UNIV 291 Sec 030 Anthropology of the Crowd

1 credit. Pass/fail. This track will study the bike race crowd using the four fields of anthropology (archaeology, biological, linguistic and sociocultural) to discover how they represent the greater diversity of humanity. – Amy Rector Verrelli

33482 UNIV 291 Sec 031 Bicycle Urbanism

1 credit. Pass/fail. Students will evaluate bicycling conditions in Richmond and propose opportunities to make the city more bicycle friendly through improved urban design and public infrastructure (e.g., bike lanes, bridges). – Damian Pitt

33483 UNIV 291 Sec 032 Bike Athlete Performance

1 credit. Pass/fail. This track will focus on nutritional and training practices of cyclists competing in the UCI Worlds. – R. Lee Franco and W. Guy Homsby

33484 UNIV 291 Sec 033 Crowdsourcing the Worlds

1 credit. Pass/fail. Students in this track will collaborate in telling the untold stories of Richmond 2015 in words, pictures and video. – Tim Bajkiewicz and Jeff South

33485 UNIV 291 Sec 034 Diversity Culture Cycling

1 credit. Pass/fail. This course will introduce students to short readings on diversity and cycling. – Gregory Smithers

33486 UNIV 291 Sec 035 Motivation and Performance

1 credit. Pass/fail. This track will explore how motivation links to learning and performance. – Jeffrey Green

33487 UNIV 291 Sec 036 UCI and Entrepreneurship

1 credit. Pass/fail. This course will guide students through the process of evaluating entrepreneurial opportunities with the intention of identifying viable businesses. – Jay Markiewicz

33488 UNIV 291 Sec 037 Cycling and Film

1 credit. Pass/fail. Students will place the UCI Road World Championships in Richmond in a global context through the examination of international films and simultaneous creation of visual and audio products. – Jill Blondin

33490 UNIV 291 Sec 038 What Is Safe Cycling?

1 credit. Pass/fail. Students will find and read sources about bicycle safety, observe cyclists during the race and create a Web presentation. – Julie Arendt

33491 UNIV 291 Sec 039 Race, Gender, Sexuality Cycling

1 credit. Pass/fail. Students will think critically about the intersections of cycle culture, race, gender, sexuality and ability. – Liz Canfield and Erin White

33492 UNIV 291 Sec 040 Adaptive Response Modeling Using GIS

1 credit. Pass/fail. Students will incorporate social media feeds with geospatial technology to map, analyze and deploy real-time UCI event response to sustain and respond to waste and recycling needs. – Jennifer Ciminelli

33493 UNIV 291 Sec 041 Event Planning and Promotion

1 credit. Pass/fail. Student will gain a basic understanding of the effective approaches to promote events to donors and sponsors. – Manika Avasthi

33494 UNIV 291 Sec 042 New Media Photojournalism

1 credit. Pass/fail. Students will explore documentary photography, creative storytelling and editing experimentation solely through mobile devices. – Gary Garbett

33495 UNIV 291 Sec 043 The Physics of Bicycling

1 credit. Pass/fail. The science of bicycling will be explored by measuring and observing key physical principles of the cyclists. – Marilyn Bishop and Murugeswaran Duraisamy

33496 UNIV 291 Sec 044 Guile, Hubris and Teamwork

1 credit. Pass/fail. Students will investigate dynamics and contradictions in the world of modern cycling. – Katherine Walker

33497 UNIV 291 Sec 045 Poetics of Public Space

1 credit. Pass/fail. Blending social science observation with creative/arts projects, students will create a multimedia “rhythmanalysis” that critically reflects on the ways in which the bike race activates public spaces. – Jesse Goldstein

33498 UNIV 291 Sec 046 Visualizing a Wired World’s Past

1 credit. Pass/fail. This track will draw on archaeology, art and history to reveal the shared humanity of the UCI Road World Championships’ participants and the VCU community. – Bernard Means

33499 UNIV 291 Sec 047 The Big Win: Corporate Social Responsibility

1 credit. Pass/fail. Students will explore how local businesses are contributing to the bike race through corporate social responsibility and volunteerism, and they will participate in planning a sustainable interactive installation that raises money for local and global causes. – Laural Adams

33500 UNIV 291 Sec 048 The Tour and the Worlds

1 credit. Pass/fail. This course will guide students through a brief history of cycling in the francophone world, with a special focus on the 2015 Tour de France. Students will follow teams and cyclists during the UCI Road World Championships. – Ngoc-My Guidarelli and Hilary Raymond

33501 UNIV 291 Sec 049 Racing to Health

1 credit. Pass/fail. This course will examine key indicators of health in relation to fitness, especially with professional athletes. – Shelly Smith

33502 UNIV 291 Sec 050 Red, White and Bicycle: RVA, France and the Bike Race

1 credit. Pass/fail. Through the lens of French film and prism of French literature, students will shift cultural gears to become global citizens better adept at understanding local culture. This learning track proposes modes of analysis for the toolbox of creation: students will make new multimedia forms inspired by their encounter with French culture. – Margaret Ozierski

33511 UNIV 291 Sec 051 Participatory Culture

1 credit. Pass/fail. This course asks students to gather noteworthy content generated by all the other Great VCU Bike Race Book courses and create a web-based “newsmagazine” at least twice daily during the race. Students will learn basics of website creation and design, RSS and other syndication methods, tagging, media embedding, etc. Students may also be asked to generate original content that “covers the coverage” such as interviews, editorials, etc. – Shelli Fowler and Brian Palmer

Special thanks

A special thank you to all of the creative ideas submitted by faculty from across the university, including the College of Humanities and Sciences; the schools of the Arts, Business and Nursing; the Wilder School; University College; VCU Libraries; and the Division of Community Engagement.

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